1. EE has been an industry leader in Women & Minority Business Enterprises (W/MBE) engagement for almost 7 years. Their scope of services include:

                                                              i.      In formal outreach to existing MBE/WBE network of qualified contractors

                                                             ii.      Creation of tailored solicitation to be personally distributed to:

        1. City of Kansas City, Missouri MBE/WBE directory
        2. State of Missouri Office of Equal Opportunity
        3. The Mid America Minority Supplier Development Council
        4. St. Louis City and Airport Authority MBE/WBE directory
        5. Local minority and women chambers of commerce
        6. Contractors associations
        7. Assistances centers
        8. MBE/WBE news and print publications.

                                                           iii.      Providing ad hoc MBE/WBE resources for project components as they arise

                                                           iv.      Assist the General Contractor or owner in acquiring and managing evidence of meetings held, written notifications by email or facsimile and certified letters so there is proof actual proof of outreach. 

                                                             v.      Providing hard cost services for applicable scope of work

                                                           vi.      Assist in all facets of explanations and meetings required to constitute good faith outreach efforts

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